Five Year Celebration with SFI. Free Giveaways.

I thought I would update this post as it has been two years.

Today I am celebrating five years being a member with SFI.

I am so excited, I have watched SFI evolve over the years into something great.

So I decided to reward all my down line plus any new members that decide to join.

Why I am the success I am today is because I have not missed a day logging into SFI  since 2013, I did not stray or be lured away from SFI by other programs.

I have just done a huge advertising campaign + I have purchased PSA ready to reassign to all my NEW EA Team.

Do not delay join the original working from home on line program today.

YOU will love SFI. Most Important if you decide to sign up.

DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW.  Activate the Starter Incentive.

Then simply click the back arrow on your computer to return to this page.

So It is very important to tidy up your G Mail so you do not miss these important emails.
Go to your inbox..  Tick beside all unwanted emails.
Go above and hover your mouse over where  The Folder icon is. ( will read move to)
A drop down box will appear.. Click Spam Folder.
BEST tip!  Never click emails you do not know. As there is a lot of scammers online.

From the above Getting Started page (see second screenshot), you will be asked to choose ONE CSA…With four more to be earmarked for you over the next five days.
When any YOU enter the Affiliate Center Daily at SFI.
You will see the following alert screen which prompts you to send out a brief welcome letter:
click the Green Box where it reads... Send Welcome Message.
Then Click the Green Box Close Window.

One new CSA will appear each day.
That is, each day when you log in to the Affiliate Center.

A CSA welcome letter alert will pop up automatically. 
Provided you log in each day during your first five days and send the welcome letter provided for them, you will secure all five CSAs. 
However, if you fail to log in,  you will forfeit any remaining CSAs (of the five).
Note that regardless of how you manage the five initial free CSAs,.
The BONUS CSAs (and bonus Rewardical) will still be offered to you up until your 30th day in SFI.

THIS is why I love SFI. 

They were my life line after the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011.
Listen to my Video.

In order to make a lot of money online you need a product every online marketer needs!   SFI is and always will be an absolutely bestseller!
Okay so it will be pretty overwhelming when you first login to SFI.
Step away from your computer take a deep breath then return.   
Try not to make SFI more complicated than it really is.  J
ust Make sure to log in daily and participate.
Most Important check where you are placed with the E365 Competition.
Daily check the

CLICK Where it Reads HERE to open your Launch Pad Training.


Keep an eye out for my SFI E Card Welcoming you to our team.

I look forward to watching your progress grow with SFI year in year out.


About Rewardical!

Rewardicals are the amazing new digital tokens you can earn FREE while...

Shopping and dining at local businesses

Shopping at online stores

Playing online games and contests

Then redeem your Rewardical tokens whenever you want for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies–including free Bitcoin! See current list of exchange items.


There is no secret with SFI to achieve Success.
It is very simple..  Sell T Credits. Buy T Credits. Play with T Credits.
SFI is unique and one of the very few online programs that rewards all their members for shopping and selling.  My rank on June VP Leaderboard: 48
Patience with a little persistence will equal profit in the not to distant future.  
If you set goals, structure a daily planner to follow.  Do not stray or be lured away.

It will seem tedious and boring doing the same thing day in day out.  

Lets make This Year ROCK!.. . 🌹🌸

My Mission is to Show You How To Transform Your Home Business Online.

Generating a Client Base With Repeat Sales….

This Year Larry and Keith Both Celebrate 17 years with SFI. 🌹🌸
YES we all saw the Big Picture with SFI.

They were reassigned to my team when SFI launched the Big O Program.

Quote of the Day! I love reading these at SFI.
"Success...seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."  -Conrad Hilton

This was so cool to read at the forum.

Congratulations on your happy 5th year anniversary.
Excellence, is not uses lightly in your respect Maree.
"You are Par-Excellence"
I commend you Maree.


Your achievements know no bounds.
You are an inspiration, 24/7 .
Your work ethic is reflected in your business sense.
Your happy disposition is evident in your tireless communication with all your friends & work collegues.
Constantly giving of your selflesness & kind nature,
advice and help is but a message away.
Where you find the energy is a mystery, known only to yourself.
Wishing you continued good health & happiness always & forever.

Kind regards.
Joseph D. 

Joseph has been part of our dollar wise network for years. 

I know a lot of my followers are not in my SFI team.

So I will be giving random prizes away via DWSEarner.

Be sure to enter promo code at DWSEarner TicketWinner


Cheers Maree.


  1. Join me this month in my five year celebration.
    Join our team then leave a comment here with your SFI Id so I can go and reassign a random PSA to your team.

  2. All the best Maree.I have been staying with you long time.Have upsides and downs but you allways been good friend and best leader and suporter i know.I am glad that we stay in touch all this time and yes you are inspiration and motivation for all us.
    I wish you many many years of success in future.


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