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Thank you, for the great job with your SFI business!
For every email I receive from SFI with news about you, for sure, 
I know they are good!
For every look I've made on your profile, for sure, I know I'll smile. 
Just for how happy it makes me feel, to be able to witness your great behavior with your SFI business.
And for every time I smile in the morning because of you!
My day is super good!
Thanks for that too!
and because of how much your success means to me.
Concepcion Zaneldin
My CSA Sponsor.

 Mary Hati.

I am a Team Leader, founding member of Maree Enterprises and Site Moderator for all her Online Business Site Moderator and Team Leader. at

Maree  has genuine class and distinction and a very on to It entrepreneurs , If you are looking for a Business On Line you will get one genuine Mentor and Friend  who goes out of her way to help you succeed.

Maree definitely is the Real Deal, I recommend if you are seriously considering trying your hand at some online business, you cannot go wrong by joining up to one of Maree sites.

Maree has done all the hard work for you she has tested many sites and will guide you though and help you on your way

Gary Canada

Affiliate at Marees Designs
October 13, 2018, Gary Canada worked with Maree Wells in different groups at Maree Designs.
Maree is an outstanding leader, can utilize and create code and programs, spends her time as required to complete tasks, and has good people skills. 
I highly recommend her ability.- Gary Canada

Andy Anderson

Blogger at Wealthy Affiliate
October 13, 2018, Andy Anderson worked with Maree Wells but belonged to different companies at Maree Designs.
Maree is a constant source of inspiration, perspiration, and a growing success at SFI or Strong Future International. 
She is one hard-working Kiwi who is proud of her journey to the top and open enough to share her formula for success with others even when we are not in her direct team.

Pete Paterson

Owner at Bitcoin Traffic Pro & Six Figure Online Business
October 19, 2018, Pete Paterson managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
Positive, upbeat & honest marketer who helps her team develop their online business the correct way. Helping her team avoid scams. This is the genuine deal. 
If you are a newbie or an experience marketer you will find useful tools and guides to increase your wealth.

Chris Shouse

October 23, 2018, Chris Shouse managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
Maree is a delight and very innovating in her approach to lead her teams. 
She is always inspiring and always gives value.

Larry Roederer

Designer and Manufacture. Online Mentor for Affiliate business branding. at Maree Designs Online.
October 25, 2018, Larry Roederer managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
Hi Maree Please send me a Recommendation Thank You Larry Roederer

LaVerne Christian

October 25, 2018, LaVerne Christian reported directly to Maree Wells at Maree Designs.
Maree is an outstanding leader, she is dedicated to team building and training her teams. 
She is very forthcoming with any and all information she gathers that she feels will strengthen her teams. She's an excellent mentor and a good person.

Joseph Doyle

Internet Marketing Business/ Coach/ Team Leader at DollarWise and S.F.I. [Strong Future International]
October 26, 2018, Joseph Doyle managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
As a founding member along with Maree Wells association, and all our many friends & colleges we work together as an "Awesome" team, helping each other out, daily, building our individual businesses.
Surviving online in today's uncertain economic climate is becoming more difficult due to fraudsters, and scams, at every turn.
One business alone is not enough In order to have residual income,a broad network of programs & platforms is vital for survival.
Maree Wells has provided a funnel system, that integrates within her "Awesome" "DOLLARWISE" network.
Bit-Coin is now a big part of this new technology, growing at an alarming rate. 
When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bit-coin in 2009, it was worth only penny's.
Today 1 bit-coin is now worth over $6,000 and growing like wild-fire.
Bit-coin is forecast to be worth at least $500,000  within 10 years. 
Investing with 
Dollarwise network will ensure financial security for you and your family & loved-ones, in the years ahead. 
You should save Bit-coin now and be paid every day, thus ensuring a sound nest-egg for a happy secure retirement. 
It is never too late to start.
Mark Twain has a great quote "What are the 2 most important days in your life? 
The day you were born & the day you found the reason why"
Have you found your reason why?
Join with Maree today & change your lifestyle for a better future. 
I highly recommend Maree Wells as a kind, caring, spiritual lady, who goes way beyond the call of duty to help all her team members, sharing her vast knowledge of Internet Marketing is second nature. 
Maree's work ethic speaks volumes of her life-time achievements, going from strength, seeking out new marketing idea's and planning new strategys to share with her thriving business groups, and members who help each other on a daily basis through her flag-ship platform w/site @ Chat-box at DWSEarner.
Come join in the fun, and start your new journey to success. . Kind regards Joseph. D.

Martine GERARD

Entrepreneur at SFI
October 31, 2018, Martine GERARD worked with Maree Wells in different groups at Maree Designs.
Marketing, chef d'équipe chez SFI, Marée Désigns, Marée Wells est ma marraine, mon sponsor, mon mentor à SFI depuis 2013.<br />Nous construisons chacune notre entreprise individuelle. Nous travaillons ensemble et formons avec d'autres, une équipe soudée qui s'entraide quotidiennement. Elle est toujours là quand nous avons besoin.d’un soutien, d’une explication ou autre.

Joseph Doyle

Business Admin at
November 05, 2018, Joseph Doyle managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
"The Lilt Of Irish Laughter"
Maree Wells - Par Excellence! 
Excellence, does not describe your attention to detail Maree. 
Your knowledge flows "like a mountain stream" sharing, is second nature to you.
You love of life & what you do so well, has become your life-time ambition.
I salute your humility & passion, as a work college, friend & mentor.
Kindest regards always. Joseph. D. 
P.S.  "The Lilt Of Irish Laughter"
Congratulations on your new position! Maree.
May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back & may you be in Heaven 30 minutes before the divil knows you've passed.
Traditional Irish Greeting. 
It is said, even to this day. This Ode came from the Irish Leprechauns.
Known as a "Pisheog."
There are still Fairy Forts, all over Ireland, & locals, think it unlucky to interfere with
 "The Little People" or their Forts or Fairy Rings.
A lone Hawthorn tree in a field , known as "The Blackthorn, " produced dire cosequences if cut down or damaged in any way.. and testimonials have prove correct.

Diane Washington

Executive Affiliate at SFI Strong Future International
November 08, 2018, Diane Washington managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
I highly recommend Maree for your online business service you'll learn how to be proficient in your online business opportunity . She very thorough easy to work with and 100's of affiliate have sign up with her and you'll learn how to make money effectively.

Neil Barrton

Team Leader at Dollar Wise Network
November 10, 2018, Neil Barrton worked with Maree Wells in the same group at Maree Designs.
I had the pleasure of working with Maree about 6 years ago. I have never met anyone so hard working and dedicated. Maree was a real inspiration. Due to mitigating circumstances, I had to stop doing what I was involved in with Maree to look after my sick Mum. Maree kept on working hard helping her team members succeed with making money working from home.

Debra Gaylor

Team Leader and Mentor at Maree Designs.
November 14, 2018, Debra Gaylor worked with Maree Wells in different groups at Maree Designs.
I highly recommend working with Maree. She is one of the Best Mentors and Leaders I have come across online. She works constantly to help her Team and give them ALL they need to succeed!

Philip Robillard

Team Leader and Mentor. at Maree Designs
November 15, 2018, Philip Robillard managed Maree Wells directly at Maree Designs.
Maree is one of the most caring entrepreneurs that I have met online. She goes out of the way to assist you and to guide you. She is there for you unlike so many others online that sign you up and disappear. I was blessed when I met Maree.


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