How to Prosper in 2019

Best Tips to 2019 Online Success with Affiliate Marketing.

I followed my Daily Work schedule I designed  day in day out for 2018.
The result.  A five figure income working on line.

I was not lured away with email hype, or promises of outrageous bribes, when surfing.
REMEMBER we surf to gain credits to promote our Primary business.
NOT to sign up with other random opportunities on offer.

If you left SFI now is the time to return.

I share referrals and training, supportinh all our SFI Team 12 levels deep.
Be sure to check your E Mails for all the Smart Start Training articles.
Take full advantage on all the offers. Locking in your Auto Renewal.

THERE is no reason not to succeed with SFI.

Yes, effective immediately, you can now earn 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of fresh, new CSAs!
I see great deals a head with Shopify and SFI This looks to be a game changer and Money Maker for 2019.
Imagine if I had given up in SFI in 2013 simply because I did not understand the program.
I would not be the success I am today.

Projects I am working on in 2019. Lock in your spot today.

Join Tomorrows Currency Today in Pre Launch.
This will be huge. Lock in your spot and start inviting.

Web Talk.
Webtalk the future for Social Media Networking.

Short Sweet and to the point.

If something sounds to good to be true.  Offers instant wealth overnight.
It is an urban myth, pipe line in the sky fairy tale.

"Formal education will make you a living.
Self-education will make you a fortune. "
-Jim Rohn

Set your Goals for the first year. 

Then work towards achieving those goals when 2020 rolls around.

Put the plan into play starting today.

If a member with SFI I update this page all the time.

View all my Training Pages I keep updated at GDI.

Not a member Register today.
Best $10 Monthly investment I have been paying since 2009. 
I have generated thousands of dollars over the years.
This was my first introduction to Affiliate Marketing, when I searched the internet for a domain provider to transfer my Maree Designs Store online.
Can you imagine my surprise when I realized they also offered an affiliate program.

"Come to the edge, He said. They said, We are afraid.
Come to the edge, He said. They came.
He pushed them...and they flew."
-Guillaume Apollinaire

I have invested thousands of dollars setting up my Safe List Advertising Portholes. 

Weekly I blast my promotions sharing new signups with my SFI team leaders.

Starting way back in 2010, locking in life time upgrades with numerous on line programs.
IN 2014 I started to use these sites to blast weekly my SFI Promotions.
It was a task with a lot of trial and error.
A lot of the sites are not on line today.
I lot of the sites I upgraded with I would not recommend.
As I found a lot of the admin are serial launches.
Forgetting about the original programs I invested with, launching new sites each month.
I STOPPED following a lot of admin recommendations.

FEEL FREE to duplicate my post. Changing my Id to YOURS.

Team Leader shares cash and referrals. BOOM 2019
If you left SFI Now is the time to return.
December will rock at SFI.
As they are giving 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of fresh, new CSAs Away!
As a team leader I lead by example.
OFFERING My Team Xmas & New Year Rewards at my Leadership board.

If you only have a small budget and an hour per day to spare.
Make SFI your first Monthly Investment..
Imagine if I had given up in 2013. Simply because I did not understand SFI.
I would not be the success I am today.

No gimmicks, no pie in the sky, no bull.
SFI are celebrating being on line for over 20 years!
Remember!  If it's to be, it is up to me.
I do not promise 6 paid signup OR $88.000 overnight.
This sort of promoting is pie in the sky fairy tales.
BUT I do Promise!
A Proven and Paying Working from home on line business.
If you follow the smart start set up emails you will receive.
With Different Streams of income as you join our Down line builder Program I will introduce you to.
All the Proof you need.  View my Badges.
I have not missed a day logging into SFI since 2013.

Points of interest.

The internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies starting their on line journey.
Be sure to visit my gigs on offer at my Fiverr Store, to learn all their is to know to start your 2019 business the right way.
View the OTO Offers when you next log into

Review on a site I researched to maybe use for advertising.
First I hate these sort of promotions.  I am finding them at a lot of sites now.

You have (1) free Reward  Pick it up right now
Answer a few short questions and get a very generous reward. Grab it now
They always say Congratulations!
You have been selected to win a FREE iPhone X, Playstation 4 or Samsung Galaxy S9+!
Please tap OK to redeem your prize before we give it out to the next lucky visitor.

YOU are given three easy questions that everyone can answer.
Then in your excitement it says to enter Credit Card Details to pay the postage and receive your price.

THE sad thing is not a lot of people reads the fine print.
That will lock you into a monthly auto renewal subscription which can range in value from $50 to as high as $350
Until you check your bank statements then are left wondering what is the bill for.
They also say you can cancel the subscription within 30 days, which is near impossible.

When researching a site for Advertising and Earning.

I decided against continuing as really why would you surf all day to earn 25cents.
I would not waste my credits advertising the site as they suggested, to earn cash.
16,676    Hits averages around $1.50  
There Advertising Price Chart.  I thought was a little expensive.
1 day   - $    4.99
3 days - $  11.99; (save $    2.98)
7 days - $  26.99; (save $    7.94)
14 days - $  50.99; (save $  18.87)
30 days - $100.99; (save $  48.71)
90 days - $278.99; (save $170.11)
180 days - $524.99; (save $373.21)
365 days - $989.99; (save $831.36)

IT is amazing how many members fall into the trap wasting their hard earned cash.

Social media give all members outlets for communication. 

If a member asks you to move away to an individual email address.
Unless you know them, do not reply as this is a red flag warning.
 If they do not want to communicate within the back offices.
There intentions are normally to introduce you to their scams.

Email Introduction to a site I received for Advertising.

Option 1: $250  500 Premium Email Clicks at just 50¢ per click
Option 2:  $300  500 Super Premium Email Clicks at just 60¢ per click
Option 3:  $300  500 100% USA Email Clicks at just 60¢ per click
I was gutted as this member has a high profile at IBO.
I thought I would be introduced to a great new program I could add to my advertising porthole.

Register free to receive my Boot Camp Training series.

An ezine is a more specialized term appropriately used for small magazines, downloads and newsletters distributed by any electronic method.
Want access to my simple roadmap for creating and easily profiting from a highly successful ezine?!
All Purchases at any of my stores, include E Books, PDF Files, Videos Etc.

SFI ECA Store.

Fiverr Store 


Want access to my simple roadmap for creating and easily profiting from a highly successful ezine?! 

I have been using GDI since 2009 and Traffic Wave since 2013 for team communication and training.
Sign up Via your Sponsors Link at the Down line builder program listed at Maree Designs.

Learn how to build a successful business online by working just a few hours per week running it,  expanding it!  Learning all their is to know with the Ezine Training on offer.
Building an opt-in email list is without a doubt one of the top ways to build a long term profitable business online.
Be sure to check your emails for all my updates I send out Via Traffic Wave or the Back office from the programs I promote.

Once you have a list of your own,
you can start to drive traffic wherever you want, and virtually make money whenever you want every time you send out a mailing. Keeping your team updated.

This is a great Quote I read and saved years ago.
The Plain And Simple Fact Is, If You Aren't Building An Opt-in List, Then You're Losing Money!
A lot of money. Money that can be made without any extra work from you.

It is easier then you think, to be a successful online marketer. 
Let the truth be told, out of all of the elements of my entire online business for the last 10 years there is one that has consistently put the most money in my pocket, my Dollar Wise Blue Print.

It has literally been the cornerstone of my business and has been the main reason why I haven't had to work for anybody else for the past 10 years!
Can you imagine that?
I've been my own boss for the last ten years and I owe most of that to my family network of sites I have launched over the years.
Bringing in consistent profits and growing my business in numerous ways!

No matter the circumstances we are all the masters of our own destiny.



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