Setting up your Etsy Store.

Welcome to Maree Designs.  Apply for your Etsy Store. 

First impressions are ever lasting.  Add a video to your home page set up. 

YOU MAY Purchase at my store your Video Introduction.

View my example.  I change my details to your business and face book links.

Check out my Etsy Store.  Have the link open in a second browser window for reference.

For the serious store owner lock into our Maree Designs Yearly subscription.

Receive with this package.
1.. E Book Business Planner.
2.. E Book Business Branding.
3.. Promoting of your Craft  Store added to OUR Cash Back Shopping Page.
4.. Shout outs of your products for sale at my Facebook groups. NZKiwitalk
5.. Receive a link to receive my Weekly Newsletters and training course.


Feb 14th 2021 NZ has just gone back into Lock down.

Why ETSY.  The beauty is you can connect your online bank account to receive payments.  Etsy do all the work setting up your store to accept online bank card payments.   Sign up for your Store today.

Our SFI Cooperative teamed with ABC4Income Success.

Be sure to buy the flexxity E Book and receive Reseller Rights.
I will as a free bonus add my new ABC4Income E Book

Once you have your Etsy Store Set Up.

Then set up your ABC4Income website.
Add 5 of your favorite websites.  
Make one of them your Etsy Store, flexxity listing, and another your SFI link.

I design splash pages at CVoyager to promote my Etsy Listings.

This activates free entry if in my SFI Team to our Cooperative.
I advertise in bulk sharing signups.
Not a Member with SFI sign up here.  You will be reassigned to an active team leader.


Set up your Etsy Store.  Adding your listings.

Log into Etsy and start with clicking the settings Tab at the left.

Take your time filling in your shop details.  

Start with your Intro and appearance for your new store.

Here is where you can add your Facebook and twitter accounts for all your clients to view your business social media portals.

Add your shop announcement in the empty box you see and your message to buyers.

CLICK the Save Button Bottom Left.

at the top Right Click where it reads Shop Manager.

Scroll down at the left to where it reads Sales Channel.

Under here you will see the name of your store with an icon edit button at the right.  CLICK the pencil you see to open. 

A box will appear looking like this.


This is the time consuming part.  But well worth the effort.  

First impressions are ever lasting.  Here is where you will also find your sales page link.

Click the pencil where it reads edit to start to design your New Etsy Store.

Click where you see the camera icon to add your photo.

Scroll down to where it reads announcements click the edit pencil to add your review.


 Next scroll down to where you see it reads add a video and up to 5 photos.

Click the + Sign to add a summary. 

If you would like a 30 second video designed for your store.  

Send me you store name so I can design a 30 second video introduction once you have purchased at my Etsy Store this package.

Also send me photos to resize if having trouble adding them.

MD Leadership Club + Personalized Video

Social Media Marketing I use Tiktok and Instragram to direct clients to my Etsy Store

Connect with me at Instagram and Tik Tok User name  mareedesigns.

Check in often to my instagram posts and duplicate.

To list an item at your Etsy Store.  Log in. 

Then click Shop manager.

At the left click listings.  At the right Click the tab NEW LISTING>

Take your time filling in all the information.


To create a delivery profile:

1.  Go to your Store Click Shop Manager.

2.   Click Settings. 

3.  Click Delivery Settings.

4. Click Delivery profiles.

5.  Click add a delivery profile.  

Click the + Sign where it reads Add Another Location. 

Click the box add a location. 

Select the country from the drop down box.  You will now see the name listed.

 At the right select Select the delivery time.  Activate both the boxes.

Then click save profile.  Continue doing this adding the countries you wish to supply.

Take your time exploring Etsy and develop your new listings.

Practice Makes Perfect.  

View other examples of Store Videos I design at 



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