My budget forecast 2021-2022

My Budget forecast is very different than last years.

Listen to the video I designed to support all my teams income Post Covid. 

I will be concentrating this year on  SFI GDI and Traffic Wave Promoting.  Setting up my Kiwi Club for selling my fashion range of clothing to Kiwi's via my Maree Designs Website which I have started to promote at Instagram and Tik Tok.  Once you generate 1,000 followers you can add your link here on your profile page.  

I will also be working on supporting our Community online stores.  Listing them at our business directory.  Find details in back office of Maree Designs.

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What is a budget forecast.  It is a plan of how you will be spending to establish and set up your business.  I have been designing budget forecasts since 1995.  When I started with affiliate marketing in 2009.  My first program being GDI.  In 2013 I added SFI and Traffic Wave to my list of affiliate programs.  In 2015 I started to invest thousands of dollars in website scripts with training and down line builder programs.  

My project for 2021 is to be The Fulfilment Centre. FC.  Ready to supply orders to Kiwi's and Aussies made at the Triple Click Website.  I am also establishing my Flexxity Service Provider listings. View my offers.

I strongly recommend all online small businesses to sign up today.

This will be huge.  To be in at the beginning is a great opportunity.

I reinvest half of my commissions back into my business plan. The first year you will have no idea of what your income will be.  THIS is why it is so important to design a business plan. 
Inwards refer to your earnings.  Outwards refer to your expenses. Write a list of what your out goings will be. What you require to start your business with one off payments, example Computer, cloth racks, products to sell, Cell phone, desk, printer  etc. These can all be claimed in your tax returns.  Then write down what will be your monthly ongoing expenses.

Set up a quiet spot in your home.  A percentage of your house costs, phone and power can be claimed as expenses.  Example on things like inventory, rent, advertising, upgrades for affiliate programs etc.  YOUR budget goal should be to try and keep spending down to less than what you are earning.  BUT you need to expect in the first six months for your expenses to be slightly higher than your income.  

As with any business you need to invest a little capital first before you start to see returns.  It is an urban myth you can start a business without investing a little first.  Think to yourself where do these free business get their finances from to pay FREE Members.  There are a lot of scams online.  All businesses need some capital to work with.  NOW my commissions pay for all my expenses.  No out of pocket expenses. Mighty101 is a cleaning product something I already use added to my household budget.   SFI is the ideal program for 2021.  They have not missed paying me each month since 2013.  Lots of new things are happening within the community. 

2009-2013 Budget!  I had one monthly payment.   Paying GDI Monthly. 

2014-2018 Budget!  I added SFI and Traffic Wave to my Monthly Budget. I bought Life time upgrades with online sites for promoting.  I made one off payments of thousands buying website and video scripts.  

NOW my Monthly Budget is paid with commissions.

2021 - 2022 my Monthly Expense  Example.

1st  SFI Go EA                       $36.95   
2nd T Wave                            $17.95      
3rd Mighty101 VIP Club       $30.00        March Renew every three months.
16th  Mobile phone top up          $20         
18th GDI Domain                  $10.00      
20th ABC Hosting MDesign $30.00      
26th GDI Domain                  $10.00      
Advertising Monthly                 $100
Fabric for garments                   $200   
Trade Me Etsy listing                  $40 

I encourage all my team to start with one new site monthly.  Learning all their is to know before investing in any other sites.  I save members advertising and learning costs when they purchase my digital products at my ECA or Etsy Stores.  Sharing all new signups for members participation.

Budgets help you plan to make a profit. For example, they’ll show:

  • how much money you need to start the business

  • how many sales you need to cover costs

  • how much you can afford to reinvest in your business

The main purpose of a budget is to help you see where you’re making money, and where you’re spending it.

I share all new PSA Sign ups with my PSA Team that lock in this package at my ECA Store.  All Global members receive my monthly updates via our leadership private newsletters Plus Our Monthly Community E Book.  All members are encouraged to send me articles to enter into the next monthly edition.  ALL SFI members earn from all their referral purchases.  I am one of the 5% ECA Stores that Triple Clicks retained in 2018.

Where I will be hanging out 2021.



This forum post reply at SFI made my day.

Maree.   Great to hear from you!
You are responsible for my income doubling this year!
You taught me how important it is to give your top leaders some referrals.

But I am 77 yrs. old this year and hubby of 50 years is 78.
So I give my top 5 the best new referrals that are close to EA.
My team will survive even if I do not.

Both hubby and I got our Cova shots. My second one is for the 26th of March.
I am mentioning this to claim I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and alive!
I walk one mile in the park every day it is not covered in snow. Take one grand-kid with me.
Hubby stays in the car. Then we all go to eat. Then take the youngster home.
The rest of the evening is ours.

Thanks again for all your help. 

Mary B United States.


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I made this video in 2020 before Covid raised its ugly head.                                   

So much has changed but I like to refer back to this video for inspiration.

Join us at Maree Designs to stay updated as we head into 2021.

I convert written articles into Video.


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